Honorable Supreme Court's Interim Order on NEET PG upsets thousands of medicos

On 13th Dec 2012 Supreme Court gave its interim order on NEET PG (The case between MCI and Private Medical Colleges) allowing the States and Private Colleges to conduct their separate entrance exam for filling up the PG seats, on the condition that the result cannot be declared till the final decision on 15th Jan 2012. As soon as the orders are passed, all the private medical colleges announced the notification of PG entrance exams, this order made thousands of medical students who appeared for NEET PG upset. In our views the apprehension of students is totally justifiable.
For the last few years, every year there has been debate over conducting a Single Entrance Exams for the admission of PG seats, but due to one or the other reasons, conflicts between states and private colleges not wanting to participate, the final decision was getting postponed.
It has been a traumatizing last few months for medical students. Finally in September 2012 SC passed the decision and allowed NBE to conduct NEET PG as a Single Entrance test for all PG seats of India. Till Sep 2012 medicos preparing for NEET were in confusion how to prepare for exams as there was lot of uncertainty regarding AIPPG. Suddenly NBE announced NEET as CBT exam starting from 23rd Nov to 6th Dec 2012, which is almost two months early than the normal time of AIPPG (Second Sunday of January). It came as a shock for students as there was no time left for preparation and there was a whole new pattern of exam to face. Usually students plan the preparation and revision so as to finish by Jan second week, but sudden NEET exam cut almost two months short from their planning. Yet students prepared themselves feeling relieved that at least now they will have to appear for only one exam and their total mental stress and expenditure will be cut down considerably.
Now the interim order of SC deflects the whole purpose of NEET PG on the first place. Now they have to pay separate fees for a number of entrance exams and have to appear for different exams. In reaction to this Interim order, many medicos started coming together to discuss how best to save the NEET PG exam. Many students’ communities are formed over internet and social networks to find out the solution of this disaster. One of the groups on Facebook is medicozmovement where students from all over India are gathering to find the solution. There is a website made especially for the movement http://www.saveneetpg2012.com/.
I urge all the medical students who are in favor of keeping NEET PG valid should visit the above community.
Please share your views about the whole NEET PG or NO NEET PG with us. Do you think that NEET PG as Single Entrance Exam should continue?


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