Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last day of NEET PG hearing, do u expect a final verdict today?

Well today is Jan 17th, the said last day for the hearing in SC on the matter of NEET PG and private and minority institutes being included in NEET. Many things depends on today.

  1. Validity of NEET for next year.
  2. Result of NEET to be released.
  3. So many exams of private institutes.
  4. And ofcourse the future of thousands of medicos.

These are some of the highlights of hearing on 16th Jan 2013

  • Senior Lawyers appearing on behalf of CMC Vellore argued that their institution is 100 years old and India's leading medical institution compared to AIIMS and they are giving stipends to the doctors and they absorb them in their own institutions .
  • They also quoted some previous supreme court orders and mentioned that minority institutions are guarded by constitutional rights and MCI has no jurisdiction over the admission process of minority institutions.
  • They also quoted 1997 supreme orders which says minority institutions have the full rights over the admission process.
  • Argument will be continued by the senior most lawyers of other minority institutions tomorrow.
  • Hearing ,likely to be continued next week also, pertaining to institutions governed by other private universities and state governments.
 So after seeing the progress of events, do you think the final verdict will be out today, well i doubt it!!

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