NEET PG case postponed to 5th March 2013

Case Highlights:
  • Mr.Rajeev Dhawan concluded his arguments yesterday (27/2/2013)
  • Today the hearing started with Mr. Ambhoj Kumar Sinha, Senior Advocate, representing Ramachandra University (Case – 90,123,129 S.(4001) ). He presented his arguments then Mr.Pavani Parameswara Rao (P.P. Rao) presented his arguments on behalf of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Finally, Mr. Nageswara Rao presented his arguments (he represented private colleges)
Summary of arguments:
  • The MCI act does not empower the Medical Council of India with the authority to make regulations regarding entrance examinations
  • The MCI can decide how to run MBBS and PG courses
  • But the universities and colleges have the power to choose the process by which students are admitted into the colleges

Case has been postponed to 5th March for next hearing.


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