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A student's guide to DNB (BS) Counselling

DNB CET Nov 2012 Result is declared on 30th April 2013. Counseling will start from 13th May 2013. Congratulations to everyone who secured a good rank in DNB.

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Now many questions are arising in the minds of rank holders like, whether to attend the counseling?, whether to opt for a seat?, should select standby for second counseling or not?

To help the students clearing their minds of these doubts a little bit we are writing this small guide which can help you to make a better decision. This guide is prepared after discussing with number of students who appeared in previous DNB counselings and teachers with experience in PG entrance training.

This guide is to help you only. The final decision should be yours own and should not be influenced very much by others. So read the guide, ask your teachers and seniors, or if you want you can ask your doubts here also and then make your own decision.

A. Some facts from NBE counseling Guide Book.

5.4 Candidates called for first round of counseling and fail to attend/participate shall not be eligible for participation in the subsequent round(s) of counseling.

5.5 Candidates appearing for counseling can either opt for a confirmed seat or exercise their option for participation in further round of counseling.

5.6 Candidates opting for a confirmed seat are NOT eligible to participate in subsequent round(s) of counseling irrespective of their joining/non- joining/resignation from the seat already opted for.

5.7 Candidates are advised to exercise their option for confirmed seat or next round of Counseling (vide supra) cautiously as no change in seat once allotted shall be permissible under any circumstances.

B. About DNB Pros and Cons.


  1. At present DNB has become equivalent to MD/MS and is a good option for those who get a good seat.
  2. Pass out rate is increasing as merit based counseling is there.
  3. Job options are increasing for DNB candidates. Even govt sectors are taking DNB candidates.


  1. Pass out rate is still poor than MD/MS.
  2. Many DNB seats are in Private hospitals which lags in academics.
  3. The examiners in practicals are not as cool as they are in case of MD/MS. MD/MS exams have a internal examiner which helps a lot.

C. Some Facts for this session.

  1. NEET result is on the way. Expected to be out by 10-12 May 2013. 
  2. NEET was conducted by same NBE Prometric Duo so the result is expected to be almost same.
  3. Many top ranker for DNB will definitely get good ranks in NEET and will go for NEET rather than DNB so many initial seats will go vacant.

D. Now about the counselling. 

Lets divide it into rank wise.

1. Rank 1 - 500.

  • These ranker will get good ranks in NEET also.
  • Whether to attend: Yes, do attend the counselling, there is no harm in that.
  • First make your preference list of Subject and city. 
  • If everything goes well you will get your NEET rank before DNB counseling so weigh your NEET rank and which seat you can get there.
  • Those who have strict preference like Radiology in Delhi, and u r not getting in 1st round, then go for second round because once opted seat cannot be changed and there are good chance the seat will be available in 2nd round.
  • If you are getting ur desired seat and u r not sure of ur NEET rank its better to opt the seat. If u get ur seat in NEET u can surrender DNB seat safely.
  • If ur NEET rank is not very good and u r not getting say for example Radio in Delhi but u r getting DNB radio in Delhi then we advice to still go for MD radio in some other city over DNB radio. If u r not getting MD radio at all then its ur call, either go for ur second choice for example MD Paeds or choose DNB Radio. We still prefer MD Paeds.

2. For Ranks 500 -1500 

  • Here the decision becomes little difficult. As many of the best seats will be taken. 
  • If NEET results are in ur hand then u can judge according to the NEET rank. 
  • If u r getting the seat of ur choice then just go for it. 
  • If you are not getting the seat of ur choice and u cannot compromise then its better to take a stand by because if u leave the seat then u will be barred for 3 years. And there is a good chance u will get the seat in 2nd round. 
  • If ur NEET exam was not good and u can compromise on ur first choice than go for it. But remember u can only leave the seat if u can grab good seat in NEET. 

3. For ranks > 1500 upto 6000 

  • For these ranks, mostly the availability of seats will depend on NEET results. If the neet results will be declared early then there are chances many top rankers who also get rank in NEET may not opt for DNB . 
  • Here the decision can be based on few things like, number of years post MBBS, choice of branch available, and capacity to prepare further. 
  • If u think that u have had enough then take the best possible seat available. But if u r getting a really bad seat then its better to put hold for second round. There are chances that many good options will show up in second round after the NEET counseling. 

E. About DNB Family Medicine. 

There are many arguments about DNB FM. Some say that its good and some say that it’s a bad idea. I here present my views on FM.
Family medicine is still in its nascent phase in India. GP system is not prevalent in India which causes lack of opportunities for FM Physicians.
FM also lacks support from Indian Govt. There are hardly any posts available for FM. Although Govt has proposes posting FM PGs to PHC and CHC but that means u need to stay a major part of ur life in rural areas.

Who should consider DNB FM: Medicos who are out of other options and

  • Who are tired of preparations and want to just quit. DNB FM is better than plain MBBS. 
  • People who stay in Metros mainly Delhi. Delhi has good salaries for FM 
  • Doctors who have their own setups or arrangements of private practice. It doesn’t matter in PP. 
  • Who are ready to stay in Village/Rural area. (Gov. is opening up FM posts most probably)
Do post your suggestions by replying here.

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