Monday, May 6, 2013

Basic guide to AIIMS Online Exam

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Important Points: 
  1. The software used by AIIMS Demo is different from the Software used by Prometric/NBE.
  2. Unlike DNB/NEET, marked questions will not be considered for evaluation. Read point 6. (e)

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Important Points:

  1. While attempting, u will have 3 options. 'Mark for Review & Next', 'Clear Response' and 'Save & Next'
  2. If u r sure of answer and dont wanna review the question, then u can mark the desired option and click on 'Save & Next'. The question number will turn GREEN
  3. If u want to review the question later, u can either select the option and mark or just mark without selection any option. The quest. number will turn 'PURPLE. 
  4. Or u can just simply leave the question and proceed by clicking Save & Next. Unanswered/Unmarker questions remain RED.
  5. Before final Submission review your violet questions and unmark them.

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