Saturday, August 10, 2013

Central Govt. brings back the Medical Exit exam into the picture

The Union Govern­ment has come up with a new scheme to regulate medical admissions in the country. The exit exam, as it is called, has received unanimous approval from the Medical Council of India (MCI).

This follows the centre’s defeat in the Supreme Court, over the implementation of the NEET. All students who complete their MBBS must appear for the exit exam at the end of their study, to be allowed to move on to higher studies and also begin their medical practices.

Sources at the union health ministry say the proposed exit exam will be the part of series of reforms proposed to improve the quality of medical education in the country. The all-India exam will be online. "A team of experts have already submitted the report and it may be implemented as soon as this academic year, as a government notification will suffice," said an officer.

"MCI has already extended its support and a final decision will be taken at the earliest. This new exam will prevent non-eligible candidates from Post Graduate studies and from taking up a practice which will have direct affect on the health of the common man,” he said.

A senior officer said the exit exam was first proposed in 2009, soon after UPA II started functioning. "It was part of overall reforms proposed by the union government. As we could not implement NEET, this new exist exam will definitely improve the system. It will discourage non-merit students from doing the course by paying crores and clean up the PG admission process," he added.

“All medical universities in the country are facing allegations of corruption. A national level exit exam is a clear solution and we hope for the scheme to be implemented at the earliest,” said an officer from the State’s health department.



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