Monday, October 21, 2013

Avoid thinking about AIPGMEE exam dates and keep studying

Well it's not a regular post for this portal, but seeing a lot of anxiety among students, we are posting this.
At present the major concern for PG aspirants is the declaration of dates of AIPGMEE. As far as I can see, this issue is causing a lot of distraction among students. But our advice to all PG aspirants is to avoid thinking and stressing about the dates of AIPG exam. It is a sad state of our country that major and important decisions takes a long and twisted path to get finalised, but at this moment (near all major exams) we (doctors and medical students) can do very little to change it.
The notification will be out eventually, and everybody will have to comply by whatever decision is finalized by SC etc. The worst case scenario will be, the exam starting from 26th Nov 2013. But whatever will be finalized wont change by taking tension at this point of time.

What is important now is to prepare for all the upcoming exams as hard as possible. and for that it is important to keep the mind cool and away from anxiety and distractions. So our advice is please stop looking for exam dates every now and then, checking for updates once in the evening is sufficient. Also stop participating in the discussions and rumors about AIPG dates on many popular PG entrance forums, till the official announcement comes, all these speculations posted on some forums are merely distractions and increase anxiety, so stop participating and reading such posts.

Due to the similar reasons, we have stopped posting about all the articles in various NEWS papers speculating about AIPG, because these newspaper article wont solve any purpose. We will post updates only when it is available via some authentic source.

As your partner in your PG entrance preparation, AcrossPG is here to provide all the important and authentic updates in a timely manner. So you can subscribe to AcrossPG and sit back, relax and concentrate in your studies. We will update you.



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