Non uniformity of rules left medicos of Karnataka in jeopardy

This is a yet another example where the difference in rules of different states left students in jeopardy. Recently Karnataka PGET notification was published, stating that only the candidates of Karnataka origin are eligible for appearing in the Exam and get a PG seat via the exam. This left the candidates of non Karnataka origin who are doing MBBS in Karnataka ineligible for the state quota seats. The eligibility criteria till last year was consisted of both Karnataka origin candidates and the candidates who did MBBS in Karnataka.
The problem here is, in most of the states inclusing Rajasthan, Delhi, AP etc. candidates who did their MBBS in the respective states are only eligible and domicile is not considered as the eligibility criteria. With these differences in rules across different states left many students who are studying MBBS in Karnataka deprived of any stste quota seats both in Karnataka and their home state, which is unfair on every ground.

Lets analyse what happens due to different rules in different states in India.

  1. Karnataka domicile student doing MBBS outside is now eligible for 2 state quota seats - Karnataka and the state he did MBBS in. This creates extra advantage to some students over others.
  2. Non Karnataka students doing MBBS in Karnataka - they becomes non eligible for any state quota seat.

The non kanadda origin students in Karnataka are devastated with this new rule and the precious time for exam preparation is getting wasted in finding a way to protest against this rule. A group of doctors and students started a Facebook community to plan a protest against this. If you are also affected with this, join the community here.. You can also sign the petition here

The only solution to these kind of issues arising every now and then to enforce a uniform rule for medical education across India. In this particular situation, MCI or MOHFW should regularise the rule in such a way that the eligibility criteria for appearing in PG entrance exams in the states participating in All India Quota should be either based on Domicile of the candidate or on basis of graduation done. Similar situation happened in Kerala state in 2006 and students had to fight in court against the issue.

The only suffers in these conditions are the students who have to spend their precious time of studying for entrance exams, fighting court cases against such rules.


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